What does it take to make excellent food?

"There is no such thing as perfect food," says Moshik Roth, the head chef at Amsterdam’s &samhoud places, which recently became the first two Michelin-starred restaurant to offer delivery. Yet we think Moshik’s food, and the offerings from the other exceptional chefs in foodoracle, are all great examples of what "perfect" — or at least, extremely close to perfect — food can be.

"What makes a good chef? Personality and creativity."

Come behind the scenes with foodora, the delivery service for quality local restaurants, as we investigate the techniques and minds behind eleven of the most exceptional restaurants we partner with, serving everything from rebellious Japanese fusion with an Italian twist to what may be the most beautiful organic lunches we’ve ever seen. There may even be some recipes hidden along the way!

Throughout foodoracle, we aim to inspire you with these unique stories about creative individuals and their tasty restaurants. Check it out — we promise you won’t view food quite the same way afterwards.

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The Top Chef Canada finalist trained in Thailand and Toronto’s best restaurants. Now he’s opened his own eatery in the hip Queen Street West.
Angèle and her team of friends are serving gorgeous, super-fresh organic lunchboxes and Parisians are lining the block for a taste.
&samhoud places becomes the first two Michelin star restaurant to offer delivery. Its chef explains how cooking is self-expression.
Nikola and Bolle fell in love with Mexican food in the US, so when they came home, they created El Taco Truck.
Rosy is the daughter of Chinese immigrants to Italy, and she’s making some of the most imaginative Japanese fusion cuisine in Europe.
Delhi-native Aparna Aurora moved to Berlin and brought the dosa with her. Now Berliners are falling in love with this classic street food.
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Kevin and Bryan love Croque Monsieurs sandwiches and Rock’n’Roll, so they decided to combine the two at their restaurant.
The Schrittesser family has cured quality meat for generations. Now, two brothers are bringing their tradition to Vienna with a new bar.
Chrisch Rott wanted to create a restaurant that would bring people together, so he serves cheeseburgers and vegan treats side by side.
Three Mexican friends bring chile relleno, enchiladas, fresh guac and more to Helsinki. Finns are falling in love with the flavour.
It’s not always easy working with your spouse, but for Melissa and Peter, it’s worth it to make the Bavarian specialties they love.
You've discovered foodoracle. Now discover more amazing restaurants near you.
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