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Michelin-Starred Delivery? Yes!

Not just one, but two Michelin stars straight to your door or office in Amsterdam

Moshik Roth is an artist in the kitchen. He’s an inventor of unique reimaginations of world cuisine and that’s one reason his Amsterdam restaurant, &samhoud, was awarded two Michelin stars. However, he’s also a leader in other areas: Moshik is one of the only Michelin star-winning chef who offers delivery.

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That’s right: we at foodora have partnered with Roth’s &samhoud places to bring high-quality, sumptuous dining direct to your door or office. While we know it’s quite nice to sit down and be waited on, we — along with chef Roth — see delivery as a great solution for on-the-go foodies and anyone wishing to enjoy a truly spectacular meal without getting all suited up. That’s why we’re showcasing &samhoud places in foodoracle, our video series about the best restaurants we deliver from in Amsterdam and other cities, from Toronto to Paris.

“When you understand my way of cooking, you understand who is Moshik.”

Moshik sees food not only as a culinary journey but as a means of self-expression. Great food, he emphasizes, should tell a story — but not just the story of the ingredients and the preparation of that dish. Instead, the melding together of flavours, their contrasts and contours, should be an emotive experience in itself, and, in Moshik’s capable hands, an experience that brings us closer to the chef himself. Like any artist, Moshik desires to connect to people through his cooking, which is perhaps one reason he’s eager to make his creations more accessible via delivery.

“When I touch food, it what makes me happy, and from this happiness I can express myself.”

He also is eager to reflect the world itself in his cooking, as an artist would; to this end, he travels and draws on world cuisine to develop his own unique versions of classic dishes such as dim sum, sea bream and even pizza. When in Amsterdam, you simply must experience his ingenious work.

Not in Amsterdam? We at foodora are proud to partner with amazing restaurants like &samhoud places and innovative chefs like Moshik Roth to deliver delicious meals in over 30 cities worldwide. Why not discover our selection near you?