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Meet the dosa, the best Indian food you've never heard of

A Delhi native brings classic streetfood to the streets of Berlin

Aparna Aurora was born in Delhi, but we’re extremely happy she moved to Berlin. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to eat at her restaurant, Chutnify, where she serves some of the best Indian food in the German capital. Nor is this the Indian food most Westerners are used to. While you can order a great curry at Chutnify, Aparna specializes in dosas, a savoury crepe that’s been a popular street food in South India for thousands of years. Dosas are made from fermented lentils and rice batter and stuffed with a variety of fillings, from tandoori chicken to potato masala. We’re overjoyed to have them in Berlin.

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Chutnify, one of our selected restaurants in Berlin, is the fifth stop in foodoracle, foodora’s video series about our partners and their delicious meals. Each week, foodoracle travels to a different city to bring you a short episode about one of these restaurants. So far, we’ve been to Milan, Hamburg, Stockholm, and Paris.

“What makes Berlin perfect? I think it’s just a city where people are really open to new things.”

Aparna visited Berlin for the first time six years ago. “I fell in love with Berlin the first time I came here,” she said in foodoracle, our video series that showcases the people behind our food. “It was just such a nice young city with so much going on.” As responsive as Aparna has been to Berlin, Berliners have been even more responsive to her restaurant: since opening in November 2014 Chutnify has been heaped with praise, with blogs and magazines like Exberliner, Still in Berlin, and Berlin Food Stories hailing it as among the city’s best restaurants. It’s no wonder that Aparna is planning to open a second location.

“We want people to see that Indian restaurants are not only about Buddhas and carpets on the walls.”

Now Aparna can literally claim to have brought dosas from the Delhi streets to the streets of Berlin, as Chutnify has participated in numerous street food events. Berliners, who are often quite health-conscious, appreciate that dosas come in vegetarian and vegan form and are naturally gluten-free. Fillings at Chutnify include potato masala, marinated paneer (Indian cheese) and spicy chickpeas. But you can also have your dosa with minced lamb or pork filet. And, of course, you can choose from a limitless array of chutneys — coconut, mango, chili, pineapple, and so on. So what’s in a dosa? Something for everyone.

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