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Saints & Sinners

Vegan is vegan. Meat is meat.

Saints & Sinners was born from a simple desire: that vegans and meat-lovers might dine side by side and both love what they eat. Chrisch Rott has elegantly realized his vision, creating a restaurant where it goes without saying that vegan fare is prepared in complete isolation from animal products.

"What makes a good chef? Personality and creativity."

Not only did Rott want to bring together vegans and meat-lovers; he also wanted to create a relaxed space where all sorts of people would feel accepted. He’s succeeded there too, and proudly mentions that most of his staff hang out at Saints & Sinners in their free time.

So whether you’re fiending for a gigantic cheeseburger or a super-healthy quinoa salad, Saints & Sinners has got you covered, with great company included.

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Saints & Sinners


Talstraße 29, 20359