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This is where vegans and carnivores eat together

Chef Chrish Rott builds community through food at his unique restaurant

Chrisch wanted to create a restaurant where anyone would feel comfortable, no matter their dietary preference — or anything else about them. That’s why he’s created Saints & Sinners, his Hamburg restaurant where he serves food for both vegans and meat-lovers. Sumptuous cheeseburgers dual with grilled-to-perfection portobello sandwiches, and tender yet charred steaks arrive alongside piquant quinoa salads. Of course, vegan dishes are prepared separately from everything else, ensuring that vegans and carnivorous friends can both eat what they love.

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In our second episode of foodoracle, foodora’s video series about the amazing restaurants we deliver from, we travel to Hamburg and go behind the scenes at Saints & Sinners. It is one of our selected restaurants in Hamburg. Chrisch’s restaurant may be a young one, but it’s already a sensation among Hamburg locals, who come here for authentic cuisine and great company. It’s an escape from the tourist-infested district of St. Pauli, in which it’s located, and one where even the staff like to hang out in their spare time.

“My wish was to create a big family.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Chrisch wanted to create a restaurant where all sorts of people could come together: the chef is not the most conventional individual himself. When he’s not cooking, he’s singing in a rock band. His path to Saints & Sinners was also circuitous: he worked in catering companies and studied architecture before he found his true calling. Now, he’s proud to run one of the most unique restaurants in Hamburg, and to serve delicious food so that both vegans and meat-lovers can spend quality time together.

“I always wanted to learn something I’m really good at and that makes me happy .”

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