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The Taste of Mexico in the Heart of Finland

Three friends bring authentic Mexican cuisine from home to Helsinki

Hector, Luis, and Bere moved from Mexico to Helsinki and opened a taqueria together. It sounds like something out of a TV show and now it (sort of) is. That’s because recently, we traveled to Helsinki and profiled the three friends along with their taqueria, El Rey, for our new video series, foodoracle.

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Each week, foodoracle by foodora travels to a different city and showcases one of our favourite restaurants there. Well, El Rey easily fits the bill: it’s a genuine cultural experience in a city not well-known for Mexican food, and it’s causing Finns to fall in love with fresh guacamole, smoky Mezcal, cactus tacos and spit-roasted carnitas.

“We want people to be happy. Eat as if they were eating in their home with friends and family.”

El Rey’s owners complement their authentic cuisine with a restaurant that looks like (and in everything but location, is) an authentic Mexican taqueria. That’s why the walls are decorated with photos of people eating, the tablecloths are brightly coloured and flower-patterned, and there are tiles everywhere. But enough with the decor: it’s the food that’s truly special. Everything is super-fresh and prepared by people who know their Mexican food; after all, they grew up with it. When you’re after spicy Sopa Azteca — roasted tomato broth with chicken, Crème fraîche, avocado, cheese and tortilla chips — or enchiladas smothered with mole sauce, there’s no better destination on this side of the Atlantic.

“It’s a food experience, it’s a drinks experience, and it’s a personal experience.”

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