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Two Brothers and the Hippest Restaurant in Lyon

The Croque Monsieur reinvented, with a side of Rock’n’Roll

Brothers Kevin and Bryan were cooking Croque Monsieurs, the classic French sandwich of cheese, bechamel sauce, ham, bread, and more cheese, for their friends one night when they hit on an idea: they would create a restaurant dedicated to the humble Croque Monsieur and to their other passion, rock and roll, in their hometown of Lyon. And just like that, The Crock’n’Roll was born.

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We come to The Croc’n’Roll in the new episode of foodoracle, our video series that showcases the people behind our food. We at foodora created foodoracle to showcase our favourite restaurants in the cities where we deliver food, from Milan to Helsinki. The Croc’n’Roll was an easy pick for us: it’s one of the most fun restaurants around (home to rock concerts and DJ sets, as well as amazingly delicious Croques), a great place to work, and its owners are some of the funniest guys around. Plus, The Crock’n’Roll is a family business, and who doesn’t love that?

“It can be hard to work with your brother, but finally it’s a crazy adventure.”

Kevin is a singer in a rock band and Bryan has always loved rock music. The two also, quite obviously, love Croque Monsieurs. They make theirs by grilling a sandwich of fresh bread, ham, bechamel sauce, and cheese, then topping it with more cheese and putting it in the oven until the cheese is all melted. They also do original updates of the classic recipe, such as the Grizzly — crème fraîche, bacon, white onions, reblochon, potato, and white wine — and dessert versions like the Hélène — pears, chocolate and flaked almonds, topped with whipped cream.

“If you don’t like cheese, don’t come to Crock’n’Roll.”

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