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Sushi Yokohama

The Fusion Experience

Today’s world is increasingly diverse, and so of course its food should be, too. Meet Rosy Chin. She’s the daughter of Chinese immigrants, and she makes delectable Japanese cuisine with an Italian twist at Sushi Yokohama, her restaurant in the heart of Milano.

"For me being a chef is being a rebel. I'm not scared of being different."

You might find salmon-crab futomaki sprinkled with lightly melted parmesan, or zucchini tempura wrapped in raw salmon and tuna. Shredded pistachios accompany many a Tokyo classic, and, in her reinventions of these traditional dishes, Rosy almost always creates something unique and delicious.

It just goes to show that stepping outside of traditional boxes often leads to wonderful innovation. Next time you’re feeling bored with the same old, same old, don’t be afraid to try—or eat—something new.

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Sushi Yokohama


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