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Meet the “Rebel” Chef Making Italian Sushi

For Rosy, fusion cuisine is practically part of her DNA

Italian food and sushi are both delicious, but most people wouldn’t think of combining them. However, for Rosy, the daughter of Chinese immigrants to Italy, cultural fusion is almost as natural as life itself. That’s why at her Milan restaurant, Sushi Yokohama, she serves some of the most imaginative fusion cuisine around: salmon futomaki topped with melted parmesan, carpaccio wrapped around crunchy zucchini tempura, and Philadelphia rolls doused in shredded pistachio are just a few of the ways she blends Italian and Japanese culture with spectacular results.

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Recently, we went behind the scenes with Rosy in the first episode of foodoracle, foodora‘s video series that showcases the people behind our food. We at foodora created foodoracle to showcase our favourite restaurants in cities from Hamburg to Toronto. But it all begins in Milan with Sushi Yokohama.

“This work is in my DNA. I can’t imagine my life doing anything different.”

Rosy came to cooking early, since her parents ran a restaurant where she helped out as a child. As a teen, she became rebellious and eventually left home to pursue her own career as a chef; however, some time working in other restaurants convinced her that her talent was best used helping her own family. She returned home, and now has followed in her parents’ footsteps by founding her own restaurant and starting her own family (she has two kids). But she’s still a self-described rebel in the kitchen.

“For me, being a chef is being a rebel. I’m not afraid to be different.”

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