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Cooking with Love, for Each Other and Authentic Bavarian Food

It’s not always easy working with your spouse - but for food this good, it’s worth it.

Peter and Melissa love great Bavarian food and they love each other too. So it must be a treat for them to work side by side at their Munich restaurant, Georgenhof, preparing delicious dishes like knödel (bread dumplings), kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancakes) and schweinebraten (pork roast). Everything is locally-sourced (or it wouldn’t be truly “Bavarian”) and should be washed down with their generous selection of Munich’s famous weisbeers.

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We recently caught up with the happy couple in foodoracle, foodora’s video series which showcases many of our favourite restaurants from Munich to Toronto and Helsinki. It turns out that Peter and Melissa’s road to success wasn’t as direct as it might appear — and that, while the two love working together, it’s not always simple to work with your spouse. Indeed, though they knew from day one that they could count on each other to do good work, it can of course be hard to go home with the same person you spent all day with in the kitchen.

“It’s not always easy to work with the one you love.”

Now, however, they get to reap the rewards of a job well done, as Georgenhof has become an exceedingly popular destination for Bavarians and tourists of all stripes looking to try delicious, representative cuisine. The two had a solid foundation to build on: not only were they doing what they love, but Peter inherited a large repertoire of classic recipes from his grandmother. Thus the food he and Melissa serve has literally stood the test of time, being handed from generation to generation until it reached their restaurant — and our mouths.

“You have to be a little bit crazy to do this kind of job.”

Hungry for a taste of tradition? Even if you’re not in Munich, we at foodora deliver from classic restaurants like Georgenhof in over 30 cities worldwide. So why not discover our selection near you?