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Meet the Friends behind the Best Tacos in Stockholm

Inspired by authentic tacos, Nikola and Bolle decided to create their own

Nikola and Bolle met in the United States, where great tacos are common. On returning to their native Stockholm, they missed the little bites of goodness so much that they decided to create their own. To begin, they bought a barrel (which they nicknamed “El Mistico”) and smoked pork in it. When their tacos started getting noticed, they upgraded, buying and refurbishing an old truck (which they painted pink and nicknamed “Missy Piggy”). It was an instant success: Nikola recalls that people would run after them, screaming “The Taco Truck!” And so El Taco Truck was born.

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Now, Nikola and Bolle run three taco trucks and a stationary taqueria, but their philosophy remains as simple as ever: “Honest food and no compromises,” as Bolle put it. Recently, we caught up with the two friends in foodoracle, our video series about the people behind our food. We at foodora created foodoracle to showcase the best restaurants in the cities where we deliver food. We selected these restaurants for quality, originality, and of course, taste: three things El Taco Truck has in spades.

“We were like the Beatles. We were driving down the street and people were running, screaming after us, “Ahh! El Taco Truck!”

Bolle described to us what differentiates his tacos from the average, lackluster Swedish taco. “Swedes often put a hell of a lot of toppings on their tacos,” he said, “But a taco should be like a snack bite, not something that falls out of your hand.” Luckily, these are very affordable snack bites. They’re also highly delicious: Bolle’s favourite, the Ancho Poncho, starts with a warm corn tortilla and then is topped with pork, white onion, pickled red onion and peppers, coriander, and lime. It’s one of the best tacos on this side of the Atlantic, and certainly one of the tastiest we’ve had.

“[Cooking] feels true and honest and like a good way of spreading love.”

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