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Don’t Box Him In: Why Vittorio Colacciti Isn’t Only an Italian Chef

At Toronto’s “The Good Son”, the Top Chef Finalist Refuses Simple Categories

Despite its wood-fired oven imported directly from Bologna, The Good Son isn’t just an Italian restaurant. Instead, its chef, Vittorio Colacitti (of Top Chef fame) creates delicious meals inspired by his Italian heritage, his training in Thailand and his years working at the best restaurants in Toronto. A signature dish? How about jerk shrimp salad with green mango and fresh peanuts, pickerel fished daily from Lake Erie, or shorts ribs grilled the Korean way?

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In short, The Good Son transcends any simple categorization as just an “Italian” restaurant. Instead, Colacitti calls it a “Toronto” restaurant, and that’s a big reason we visited this up-and-coming spot in the new episode of foodoracle, a video series by foodora about the best restaurants in Toronto that we deliver from and other cities such as Milan, Paris, and Helsinki.

“My ultimate goal is freedom.”

Colacitti decorated The Good Son to be just as interesting and eye-catching as the neighbourhood in which it’s located, the diverse and ever-popular Queen Street West. To that end, he divided the restaurant into various areas: the “library,” where walls are lined with antique books, plates, and paintings; the “harvest table,” where families and friends can celebrate together; the “lounge,” featuring plush sofas and even a fireplace; and, of course, the bar, where veteran bartender Moses McIntee serves up a dizzying array of artisan cocktails along with barrel-aged wine.

“I really wanted it to have that warm, rustic feel.”

So, when you’re in the mood for great atmosphere, delicious food from all over the world, and an exciting variety of drinks, The Good Son is a can’t-miss spot. And if you can’t make it out to the restaurant, we at foodora are happy to rush you one of Colacitti’s delicious creations via bike.

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