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Meet the Brothers Bringing Country Hospitality to Vienna

Stefan and Andreas Schrittesser bring three generations of experience to their bar

Stefan and Andreas Schrittesser know their meat. That’s because, for generations, their family has been producing some of the finest speck (cured meat) in Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost state. Now, the brothers are bringing their expertise to their bar, schrittesser SPECK&BAR, in Vienna. It’s a link between the countryside and the city that keeps tradition as relevant — and delicious — as ever.

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We chose schrittesser SPECK&BAR – one of the best restaurants in Vienna – for foodoracle, our video series that showcases the people behind our food. Aside from cured and smoked meats, guests at schrittesser SPECK&BAR chow down on Nudeln, Carinthian dumplings with a variety of fillings (such as mozzarella, meat, or potatoes) and on Reindling, a Carinthian-style pound cake. However, it’s not just about great food for foodora and for the brothers: they also want to create a “living room” where their guests can enjoy country hospitality in the big city.

“We want to build a bridge up from the countryside where we’re from to Vienna.”

Every few weeks, Stefan and Andreas return to their hometown of Metnitz to check on their meat and on their grandfather, Leopold. While they’re away, Leopold tends to the pigs and ensures that the meat is curing properly; then, the brothers bring home a big supply of quality speck for their hungry customers.

“The way we produce our speck we learned from our parents and grandparents. We are three generations working on one product.”

Although Stefan and Andreas feel it their mission to carry on their heritage, they are always searching for new techniques to make the best speck they can. That, combined with the endless hospitality they show towards their staff and their guests, is what makes their bar such a special restaurant.

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